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Postpartum and Infant Care Doula Support

Some parents rock their babies...

The reflection of a dad holding his newborn daughter in their beautiful nursery. Baby is swaddled and looking at his baby lovingly.

...and some babies rock their parent’s world

These tiny little people, precious as they may be, sure can turn things upside down for a while. A schedule of sleep, feed, and repeat seems like it should be relatively simple, no? But that’s just it. No. It is not.

Not by a longshot. “Sleep, feed, snuggle, repeat” neglects to mention these important and notable life changes: birth recovery, exhaustion, postpartum emotions, hormonal imbalances, relationship changes, life transitions, and so many other variables.

But, and it’s a big but, you don’t have to figure it out alone. You can and should call on the experts at Orlando Doulas LLC.

While this postpartum or new baby experience is new to you, our familiarity with it makes it second nature to us! We have helped hundreds of new families just like yours find their footing by creating strategies, establishing routines, and acquiring the much-needed rest for stabilization. Your “footing” is what keeps you sturdy and if you lose that, you will surely stumble. We won’t let that happen to you.

Sleeping newborn baby

Our Postpartum Support Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

Mother sitting in a chair while holding and breastfeeding her baby girl in a room surrounded by flowers and plants. Concept of a mother bonding with her daughter through nursing

Intermittent Care

For some families, it is short day shifts designed for a new parent to catch a nap while trusted hands care for their baby. Maybe it is a focus on infant feeding or a demo on bathing or nail cutting. Perhaps, it’s a cup of tea with an absolute expert on all things related to postpartum recovery and infant care. You get to decide; we remain flexible and your needs get met!

Overnight Care

Your overnight care specialist is a certified doula or nanny who provides hands-on tender love and care for your little one while you and your partner sleep. This is great for families who are looking for sleep to return to “normal” as quickly as possible. With our support, you can wake refreshed and ready to seize the day! You know what they say, “You can accomplish anything after a good night’s rest!

Live-in Care

This is the ultimate postpartum experience! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you will have the care of a nurturing professional who will give you and your family the highest quality of expert support as you recover and transition into life with your baby!

Imagine your Orlando Doulas LLC professional fostering a calm and balanced environment for you to be nourished, hydrated, emotionally supported, and bonded with your baby and partner. Did we mention it’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

We can help you figure out what you’ll need and when you’ll need it.

Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

The uncertainties are what cause the anxiety.

How will I know when I’m in labor?

What do I do if my water breaks?

What do contractions feel like?

When do I go to the hospital?

What do I pack in my bag?

full term (39 week) pregnant woman sitting and bouncing on an exercise as is currently recommended to assist baby move into position for labour. woman is in lounge wear

And that's just the beginning.

Side view of unrecognizable pregnant future mother in casual clothes enjoying weather while resting on wooden pier in summer

It’s followed by:

What positions are best for labor?

   What breathing technique is best?

    Should I get an epidural?

    What if I need a c-section?

    How do I push?

The list of questions is endless and for clients who hire Orlando Doulas LLC, the list of answers is equally as long! Imagine being able to hop on the phone with your doula in real time as questions pop up for you.

Think about how amazing it would feel to process each question out loud with a seasoned professional instead of letting the anxiety around the uncertainty fester. Imagine feeling like, “this might be labor” and calling your doula who affirms that it is!
Imagine thinking, “I can’t keep going” and having your doula beside you to introduce new measures for coping!

Imagine your partner worrying about you and having your doula gently assuring them that your body is doing exactly what we should be expecting right now. That is just the beginning of what having Orlando Doulas LLC on your team will look like!

Check Out What's Included


We will do a telephone consultation to learn about your birth wishes and introduce how we can help you achieve them!

hands with belly


You will have a meeting to discover compatibility and meet the doula who will be on call for you 24/7


You will have an in-person prenatal meeting with your doula. This relationship-building appointment will solidify your relationship with your doula and be a birth planning session where your “birth plan” will emerge!


Labor Support Begins With:

Telephone support through the earliest stages of labor.

In-person support when you feel ready to have your doula present.

Your Doula Will:  

Provide reassurance and affirmation

Offer positional changes to ease the discomfort of labor

Utilize massage for relaxation

Supply endless comfort measure techniques specific to each stage of labor

Guide you in pushing positions and techniques

Gently guide you during the early handling, bonding and feeding of your new baby

Woman lying on a hospital bed in a neonatal department holding her newborn baby as they both sleep. Maternity concept.

Our team of experienced labor doulas is fully present for you as we help reduce your fear and anxiety and instill confidence.

Birth the way you want. We will be there to nurture you through.

We Do More!

Attractive young man, father holding his infant in his arms at home in bedroom

Now Offering Placenta Encapsulation

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

It is the process of steaming, dehydrating, and putting the human placenta into a capsule to ingest. While this practice is becoming more and more popular, there isn't solid evidence of the pros and cons of this practice.

People who have ingested their placenta report positive outcomes such as increased energy post-birth, increased milk supply, and lower occurrence of postpartum mood disorders.

At Orlando Doulas, we support your choice to encapsulate your placenta. Our placenta encapsulation specialists are trained in safely handling and processing this remarkable organ.

Our unique process ensures that your placenta never leaves your possession. Our specialist comes to your home to prepare the placenta for consumption, assuring no outside contamination.


For more information or to schedule service, contact us today.

Not Sure What You Need?

We understand every family has unique and personal needs. Let Orlando Doulas LLC help discover exactly what you need to feel calm and confident through your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. You don't have to do it alone. Let's figure it out together.